The Best BF3 Tank Crew of The World

The BlackArrows BF3 CLAN  consist of six members.



SrbijaBLACKARROW         as BLACKARROW Comander

SerbiaBLACKARROW        as BLACKARROW Comander Deputy

GodsayBLACKARROW      as BLACKARROW Special Unit "Omicron"

SargeBLACKARROW         as BLACKARROW Special Unit "Lambda" 

EgsarBLACKARROW         as BLACKARROW Special Support Unit "Sigma" - & Press Officer

YasgodBLACKARROW      as BLACKARROW Special Support Unit "Epsilon" - & Secret Service Intelligence Officer

NikolaBLACKARROW         BLACKARROW Covert  Mission:"ARROWHEAD" 

TeslaBLACKARROW          BLACKARROW Covert  Mission:"ARROWHEAD" 



We are a Serbian PRO Elite gamer clan. We are coming from Serbia (!!Kosovo is a part of Serbia!!) We are playing at the highest PRO level. To meet us on Battleield is an honor because how often one encounters the world's best on a server?

Anyone who has met us on Battlefield can confirm how good we are. At the beginning many believed that we are a cheater clan, later our opponents have recognized our performance.

Why are we so good the answer is very simple:

- We are serbian patriots

- We take the game very seriously

- We train hard

- We are disciplined

- We respect our opponents

- The Server Hardcore mode has made ​​us what we are



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