The Best BF3 Tank Crew of The World



PC  (modus Hardcore) 

PLAYSTATION 3 (modus Hardcore)








Here the news will in the very first line focus on team Killers and other disabled players we met at the battlefield.Everyone should know their nicknames. Mostly, if needed we can prove it with YOUTUBE videos/screenshots etc.




Nickname:                 Nationality:                  Designation:                     Reason:

BAD_L0ck3               Germany                      Neo-Nazism                      Promotions of Nazi-era ideas

Capt-Dremmen          England                       Teamkiller                         Incapable

SupermanInAction    Germany                     Teamkiller                         Incapable

Xaiion                          Germany                     Teamkiller                         Incapable

Oo_Heko_oO              Albania                        Bad language                   Incapable

IIPATRIOTII                  Albania                       Teamkiller                         Incapable




The worst of them will automatically get a place on our eternal BLACKARROW resting place...


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